Support Us


  • 6th Annual Spring Benefit and Wine Tasting Supports Community

    Many a glass was raised the evening of May 13th to toast OLQA. The Spring Benefit and Wine Tasting at Moore Brothers Wine Company is an annual celebration in honor of OLQA’s dedicated community of donors, volunteers, and instructors. Over forty guests mixed and mingled throughout the night, enjoying conversations with student ambassadors and meeting fellow friends of the school.

  • Be a Student’s Friend

    For any young person, the positive support and involvement of adults makes an important difference. 

  • Cooke Center Coaching Helps Teachers Learn

    Literacy and math coaching coordinated through the Cooke Center ensures that OLQA’s teachers are constantly learning – just like their students.

  • Family Yoga Workshops Raise Spirits

    Thanks to the initiative of Advisory Board chair Susan Wojewoda and OLQA’s partnership with Pure Yoga, yoga has become a unique part of the OLQA experience. 

  • High School Placement Program Launched

    A new initiative at OLQA will ensure that students get the support they need to gain acceptance to their schools of choice. 

  • John P. Birkelund Merit Scholarships Awarded

    High-achieving current students and those planning to enroll in the coming year will have a new opportunity thanks to the OLQA Advisory Board and the proceeds from Board-run spring benefits.

  • New York Philharmonic Strikes a Chord with OLQA’s 3rd Grade

    Studying Aaron Copland’s music through a series of class sessions with a visiting teaching artist from the New York Philharmonic, OLQA’s 3rd grade learned about the symphony and the powerful stories told through classical music.

  • Rye Nature Center

    This summer, over 25 OLQA students left the familiar streets of New York City for a week in the woods at the summer camp. 

  • Teacher Appreciation

    We all remember those teachers who touched our minds and our hearts when we were younger. To honor the OLQA faculty members who give so much to the students, the Advisory Board organized a breakfast during Week 2012.