Student Life

Spotlight on: Nic Ortiz

Nic Ortiz

Nicolas Ortiz, a member of OLQA’s class of 2012, attended OLQA since 6th grade. An accomplished student engaged in volunteer activities outside of school, Nicolas was a leader at OLQA. He also participated in an OLQA mentoring program, ASPIRE, which he credits with helping him define and achieve his goals, and in REACH, an academic enrichment program through Regis High School, which he now attends. Nicolas frequently stops by OLQA to say hello, and we are very proud to hear of his accomplishments and expect many more to come!

We had a chance to catch up with Nicolas and ask him a few questions:

What do you think is the most important lesson you learned at OLQA?

OLQA taught me a number of important skills: how to approach teachers to ask them for help, how to aid my fellow classmates and teach them a concept they did not comprehend at the moment, and how to be willing to try new things like extracurricular programs and the benefits they provide.

How did OLQA help you achieve your goals? What do you hope for in your career?

Through the REACH and ASPIRE programs, others helped me develop the skills I will need to be successful. Similarly, I want to give back and help people reach their full potentials. As a career, I want to work in computer science, for instance, programming and design. I find technology fascinating, so I feel that would be a good career for me.

How would you describe OLQA?

OLQA is a caring, nurturing school, dedicated to raising children to become morally good, bright, young men and women. The teachers and the principal are willing to work with you from Pre-K until the end of 8th grade. And it will always be home, even after you graduate!