Student Life

OLQA fosters the development of unique passions and talents in each student by offering varied enrichment programs.

  • Visual Arts Program

    OLQA’s strong visual arts program is a hallmark of every student’s OLQA experience.

  • Learning to Look Art Appreciation

    The students in the 2nd through 5th grades enjoy in-depth art appreciation lessons from experts through the Learning to Look program.

  • Ballroom Dancing

    Through the Dancing Classrooms program, students in the 4th and 5th grades build self-confidence and teamwork skills while learning to dance the salsa, tango, foxtrot, and other classics with grace and elegance.

  • Physical Education

    Both mental and physical fitness are crucial to a child’s development.  OLQA’s facilities include a full-sized, recently-renovated gym that is home to weekly physical education classes for each grade.

  • Advanced Literature Circle

    Students who are performing well above grade level are invited to participate in weekly small group book discussions.