School Leadership

OLQA’s School Board brings together professionals from all backgrounds and careers who are interested in helping our school and our students succeed. School Board members have helped bring new programs to OLQA, advised on financial matters, and mentored studentsl.

Please read our Success Stories to learn about the many ways that OLQA’s School Board and other supporters have helped our school and students.

Interested in making a difference at OLQA? Contact Ms. Nina DeMeo, Admissions and Development Associate at or 212-722-9277.

Board Members

Jamieson Odell (Chair)

Pat Durkin

John Birkelund

Patricia Chadwick

Tom Hill

Janine Hill

Herman Green

Dennis Lally

Evan Leflore

Lauren Odell

Tom Piper

Michael Quilty

Susan Wojewoda

Bill Young

Candy Wainwright

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