Papal Visit Shines a Light On Partnership Schools

December 25, 2015

Before the visit, six OLQA students were selected to meet the pope, along with 18 other students from three nearby Catholic schools. They became stars in their own right, doing interviews for organizations like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Economist. On September 25th, two hundred students from Catholic schools in the city lined the sidewalk outside of OLQA. The joy and anticipation was palpable as they sang and prayed before the pope’s arrival. When the Holy Father pulled up to the school, he was delighted to see the children. He walked down the block, enthusiastically greeting almost every student, and even posing for some photos. Pope Francis then entered the school building to meet with our Principal Joanne Walsh, six students, and the other representatives inside the specially prepared classroom. The students were unbelievably poised, and natural, making Pope Francis laugh and smile as he walked around the room. One of the highlights was an
incredibly human moment when two students took the pope’s hand and helped him navigate the classroom Smart Board. We deeply appreciate the light the Holy Father shone on Our Lady Queen of Angels, and by association all of our sister schools in the Partnership network. His focus on urban Catholic education is both a validation and an inspiration – how grateful we are for both!