OLQA School Board Raises Funds and Spirits

July 24, 2015

OLQA is blessed to have a community of engaged leaders on the School Board who provide support for the direction our school is moving. Chaired by Charles Durkin, a supporter of OLQA for more than 10 years, the Board has continued to provide OLQA with invaluable guidance this year. Upon learning about OLQA’s increasing need for scholarship funding, the Board quickly took action to fundraise $30,000 for need-based tuition assistance. The goal for this scholarship aid is to ensure that as many students as possible who want to receive an education at OLQA can do so regardless of their family’s finances. Through their drive, the board surpassed their goal in just 6 weeks, raising over $45,000 by the campaign’s end.

The members of the School Board have also shared the gift of their time and presence. Having just joined OLQA this year, Mike Quilty has plans to develop the school’s science and technology program. Patricia Chadwick, who also joined OLQA’s school Board this year, is leading a girl’s mentoring group. Once a month she meets with five 6th grade girls after school. Together they discuss and reflect upon the vision they have for their lives. Ms. Chadwick says, “The purpose of our group, which the girls have named ‘The Pink Panther Club,’ is to prepare the girls to be fully prepared in both their written skills and verbal skills so that when they reach the eighth grade and apply to Catholic high schools, they have a competitive edge.” It’s the Board’s drive and vision that expands the lives of our students. We thank them for supporting OLQA!