Grant Renovates Kindergarten Classroom

December 19, 2014

OLQA’s Kindergarten underwent a transformation this past summer thanks to a special grant that renovated the space. The Partnership for Inner-City Education was awarded nearly $50,000 from the Louis Calder Foundation. The Foundation assists faith-based schools by funding capital projects that create more effective learning environments.

With these funds, the Kindergarten classroom was upgraded to better serve the needs of its students and teachers. Renovation crews gutted cabinets, rewired electrical lines, rerouted plumbing to install a sink, and repainted in just 6 weeks. Architect Katie Winter worked with OLQA to design the space and selected new furniture, carpets, and tables. The space has transformed into OLQA’s exemplary classroom. Ms. Sherrie Henry, Operations Manager, remarks how the space has inspired the design of other classrooms saying, “This room has raised our standards. Our other classrooms will be modeled after this one.”

Students and teachers have noticed that the renovation has improved the classroom flow. Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Camacho notes how bright and cheerful the room is. “It’s a very child-friendly space and was built with the Kindergartners in mind,” she said. “The students love it and I do too.”