Spotlight On Soccer Club

December 19, 2014

For our oldest students, Saturday mornings are no longer spent just watching cartoons. The start of the weekend means getting off the couch and heading to OLQA for Soccer Club. Over 30 6th-8th grade students scrimmage every Saturday, eager to play their favorite sport. Mr. Fava, 7th grade homeroom teacher and 6th-8th grade Math teacher, leads students through warm-ups, stretches, drills, and games. “It was a dream of mine to be a Math teacher and a soccer coach,” says Mr. Fava. “At OLQA I get to be both.” And students get their dream of becoming soccer stars, at least for the day. “Maybe I’ll play soccer professionally,” says 7th grader Angeline C. “But I definitely want to play in high school and Soccer club is helping me with the skills I’ll need.” Another soccer player, 7th grader Lizbeth X., shares, “If I weren’t at soccer club I’d be at home doing nothing. I love getting to play with my friends.”