Principal's Letter

December 19, 2014

Dear Friends,

The 2014-2015 academic year at OLQA, our second year as a member school of the Partnership Network, is well under way. Everyone in the building shares an exciting sense of momentum and high expectations. Second grade students are engaging in deep conversations about Ancient Greece. Fourth graders are going home teaching their parents to use decomposition to quickly multiply three digit numbers. Those in the sixth grade are creating and testing their own model race cars using engineering design principles. The dedicated and hardworking teachers of OLQA have new access to resources, coaching, professional development and feedback that supports them as they work to move all students to proficiency. Our students are rising to the high level expectations, and their parents are engaged and informed. What a strong start to the New Year!

As you will read in the pages of this newsletter, the Partnership Network’s commitment to OLQA and its students is invaluable. Their leadership, along with the expansion and recommitment of our School Board, the strengthening of our relationships with faith and community based organizations, and the continued improvement of our resources and facilities, will insure that Our Lady Queen of Angels continues to raise the bar and provide the high level of academic and spiritual education that our students need and deserve. Thank you for joining us in this mission.

Joanne Walsh