OLQA Receives a Facelift

December 16, 2013

The front entrance of OLQA underwent a transformation over the summer and students, parents and faculty were joyfully surprised to witness the changes on that first day of school.

We removed the dark, steel doors from the entrance and replaced the dim lights. A bright entry area now greets all who come to the school. Clear glass doors are at the entrance, the ceiling has been painted a vibrant orange color, we removed a partition to open up the reception area, the front office has moved downstairs to allow increased parent interaction, and a newly installed flat screen monitor displays school event reminders and pictures. In a change that is not nearly as visible, OLQA’s security system was overhauled to include new cameras and wiring, and a more streamlined buzzer system.

In charge of the effort was the Partnership for Inner-City Education. They teamed up with designers and contractors to design the school’s look in just a mere 8 weeks. These changes reflect the Partnership’s commitment to keeping our facilities modern and inviting, and the community has responded warmly to the changes. Neil in the 3rd grade exclaimed, “I like the new front doors – it’s clear and bright.” One OLQA alum from the class of 2011, Malik, said, “I wish it looked like this when I was here!”