Enroll Your Child

When does OLQA begin the registration process?

Registration is ongoing throughout the school year, as space allows. Registration for the following school year begins in late January.

Does OLQA offer Open Houses and school tours?

Click here for upcoming Open House dates. To schedule an individual tour, please call 212-722-9277.

When will I know if my child is accepted?

Once you have completed the steps of the admissions process (see here), you will receive notification of our decision within 48 hours.

My child is not Catholic. Is he/she eligible for admission?

Yes! OLQA welcomes students of all religious backgrounds. We take pride in our faith and our diversity.

Does OLQA accept students with IEPs?

Please submit your child’s current IEP with your application so our staff can determine whether OLQA’s program meets your child’s needs.

Does OLQA offer financial scholarships?

Yes! Learn if your family is eligible to qualify for the Partnership Network Scholarship or the Joh

n Birkelund Scholarship. Please call 212-722-9277 ext 1 with questions regarding affording an OLQA education.

When is the first day of school for Fall 2017?

The first day of school for Fall 2017 is still being determined. Expect school to begin for all grades in early September.